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What makes up a Powerpack?

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Powerpacks let you use your power to take control of your bill. The idea is simple. Buy a Powerpack to cover your past, current or future energy usage. The savings get bigger the further ahead you buy. But it doesn't stop there, we've got packs to help your community, the environment and themed packs to make saving even more fun.

Dollars per day

Dollars per day is an estimate of how many days of usage that Powerpack is expected to cover. It’s based on an estimate of your usage for the period that the Powerpack will be used.

Remember that this isn’t what you’re being charged per day. It’s just to help you estimate how many days the Powerpack will cover.

If the dollars per day for a Future Pack seems high, it might be because we’re estimating your usage to be higher for that month (for example, if it’s summer/winter and you’ll be cranking the cooling/heating).


A premium is an amount that’s charged in addition to your kWh rate (after any discounts have been deducted). Not every Powerpack includes a premium.

For example, GreenPower packs include a premium for every kWh (incl. GST) that the Powerpack is expected to cover. For more info on why you would purchase this and other premium Powerpacks, please see our Renewables page.

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