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Your crash course to Powershop – have a browse through our handy video explainer series, Power Pointers!

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Got solar? Well, we've got some tools just for you! It's great to see what that sunshine is doing for your energy usage. Watch this vid for all the solar insights available to our solar customers!

Power Pointers – Solar insights - Watch video

Trying to figure out when the best Powershop experience is for you? No worries! This video covers the differences between our two experiences - Powershop and PowershopLITE. Get to know your options!

Power Pointers – Powershop vs. PowershopLITE - Watch video

At Powershop, we're super keen to get you in control of your power usage and your bills. That's why we've created this vid to show you all the things you can do with Powershop to avoid bill shock!

Power Pointers – avoiding bill shock - Watch video

Want to know the key benefits of having your business powered by Powershop? Watch this video to see why good energy means good business.

Power Pointers – benefits for businesses - Watch video

Understanding all there is to know about the Powerpacks available in the Shop!

Power Pointers – get to know your Powerpacks - Watch video

Learn how to check your rates with different Powerpacks through your account on the Powershop website!

Power Pointers – how to check your rates - Watch video

Want to understand whats happening with your power usage? This video explains how to get the most from your usage insights in the Powershop app to get in control of your power usage!

Power Pointers – understand your power usage - Watch video

Learn how to pay your Powershop bill in under a minute through the Powershop app. Power in the palm of your hands!

Power Pointers – pay your bill in under a minute! - Watch video

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