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When will I be billed for my power?

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We send you a bill once a month. If you’re all paid up for the month, you don’t need to do anything and this will just be a record of the Powerpacks you’ve purchased. If you do have anything owing, we’ll send you an email two days before your bill to remind you to top up your Powershop account with our Power Saver pack. Make sure you buy enough Powerpacks to cover your usage before you get your bill so you save the most.

If you don’t top up in those two days and have an outstanding amount owing at the time you receive your bill we’ll purchase the outstanding amount on your behalf at your Auto Pay discount.

You can check to see when you’ll receive your bill by logging in to your desktop account or above the Balance Circles on the mobile app. The start date is circled in your Power Organiser (the calendar on the right of your ‘Balance’ in your desktop account).

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