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‘Account Review’ to ‘Bill’, what’s changed?

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From 14 May, we’re changing up the name of the Account Review to be referred to as the Bill. Makes sense, hey! We’ll be working to change this across our whole platform – some areas will change a little faster than others, but rest assured we’re working on it. Here are some A’s to any Q’s you might have about this change:

What’s with the change from ‘Account Review’ to ‘Bill’?

Great question! Turns out some of our customers found it confusing the way we referred to a bill as an Account Review. Seeing as we’re all about making experiences easier for our customers and building understanding, this feedback really rubbed us up the wrong way. So, we now refer to it as the Bill.

You asked, we listened!

So, what changes exactly?

Your ‘Account Review Coming’ will now be referred to as your ‘Electricity/Gas Bill Coming’ and your ‘Account Review’ will now be called your ‘Bill’ – cinchy!

Do I need to change when I should purchase my power?

You will still receive your Electricity/Gas Bill Coming two business days before your Bill arrives. This gives you the same heads up to go into your account and purchase enough of a Powerpack to cover your usage. Same process, just different names!

Will my Bill still include all the same things?

It sure does! Your Bill will still include your usage summary, your carbon emissions offset, your meter readings and the PDF bill.

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