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Do I have to read my own meter or will Powershop read it for me?

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If you have a smart meter your meter will send us half-hourly readings, once a day, so you shouldn’t need to read your meter at all. If you don’t have a smart meter you can enter meter readings as often as you like (although it is not essential for you to do so).

We’ll send you an email at Account Review time if we haven’t received an actual meter reading for your property, so you have the chance to enter your own reading. This means your Account Review will be based on your reading, instead of an estimate.

To enter your own reading, tap on ‘Read meter’ in Powershop’s mobile app or select the ‘Usage’ section in your desktop account.

We give you the opportunity to enter your own meter reading, so you’re able to get the most out of Powershop and our online tools. If you have a basic meter, we only receive your meter data every three months, which means your usage graphs aren’t accurate, and two out of every three of your bills are based on estimates (since your meter is only read every quarter). This means that if you enter your own reading, you’ll be billed on that instead of an estimate.

Regardless of whether or not you enter your own meter reading, your distribution company will still read it every three months or so, as long as there is clear access to your meter.

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