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Words you’ll hear

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Some of the expressions you’ll regularly hear us use, and what they mean.

Account Review — a monthly email with attached PDF that summarises your usage, transactions, meter readings and what, if anything, you have to pay. More on what happens around the time of your Account Review.

The Shop — where you go to buy Powerpacks. You can visit the Shop from your desktop account or via Powershop’s mobile app.

Powerpacks — packs of power sold in dollar amounts that you can buy from the Shop.

Power organiser — a calendar that shows you how long your Powerpacks are likely to last based on your current usage. Find it on your Balance page in your desktop account. The start of each Account Review period is circled on your Power organiser.

Power update — a weekly email that tells you how you’re doing for power, your daily usage for that week and how that compares to the power you used the week before. You can opt out of this email from your desktop account. Go to ‘Settings’, select ‘Alerts’ and untick the box next to ‘Your Powershop report’.

Auto Pay — your rate based on your tariff which is determined by your distribution area and your meter setup. All of our discounts and Powerpacks are calculated based on the Auto Pay rate.

Specials packs — Powerpacks that give you a discount off your Auto Pay rates. These are available only for a limited time, and give an extra discount for a set amount of usage.

Power Saver pack – a Powerpack that provides you with the best possible discount that’s always available. Make sure you buy this pack online and on time each month, so you don’t miss out on saving.

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