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Help topic: Getting started

Everything you need to know to get up and running. What to expect, how to shop, how to get the best savings and more.

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You can log in to your account from your desktop or via Powershop’s mobile app.

Download our mobile app and log in to your account - Read more

To go shopping, log in to your Powershop account from your desktop or mobile app and select ‘Shop’.

Go shopping! - Read more

We sell energy in Powerpacks so you can pick and choose to suit your budget and how much power you need.

Powerpacks - Read more

The best way to save is to ensure you log in at least once a month and buy enough of the Power Saver pack to cover your usage for your billing period.

Getting the best savings - Read more

Every month we’ll send you your Powershop bill. This is an email with an attached PDF.

Your Powershop bill - Read more

Some of the expressions you’ll regularly hear us use, and what they mean.

Words you’ll hear - Read more

There are a few emails to look out for as a new Powershop customer.

What to expect email-wise - Read more

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