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Do you sell gas that’s been fracked?

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Much the same as the electricity delivered to people’s homes could come from any generation source, we can’t control the source of gas. All we can control is the work we do behind the scenes to help make things clean and fair and educate customers as to the benefits of, and the ways to get off gas (such as retrofitting homes to remove gas or understanding how to save money by focusing on electricity sources for heating and cooling).

Powershop has always been and always will be anti-coal seam gas (just as we’re anti-coal and anti-unfair pricing to customers). We’ve worked with the likes of GetUp and LockTheGate (among other groups) to campaign against coal seam gas and fracking. Powershop is staunchly anti-coal seam gas and fracking – we do not believe it is necessary as we have an abundance of gas available that doesn’t require fracking.

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