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We’ve got gas! Come closer and have a read, find out where we offer gas and how to get it (in a good way).

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Safety first! Do not touch any part of your meter.

How do I read my gas meter? - Read more

Follow our step-by-step guide on how to send us a picture of your gas meter, once you know where your meter is this should take less than 5 minutes. This will also ensure that the tools/forecast in your app will be more accurate.

How do I enter a gas meter reading? - Read more

So simple! Log into your account and select the blue "+ add gas to this property".

How do I add gas to my account? - Read more

Much the same as the electricity delivered to people’s homes could come from any generation source, we can’t control the source of gas. All we can control is the work we do behind the scenes to help make things clean and fair and educate customers as to the benefits of, and the ways to get off gas (such as retrofitting homes to remove gas or understanding how to save money by focusing on electricity sources for heating and cooling).

Do you sell gas that’s been fracked? - Read more

Like anything you use regularly, it’s important to take care of your gas appliances. Here are some tips to maintain your gas appliances:

How do I maintain my gas appliances? - Read more

We’ve made our gas offer 100% carbon neutral because – like with electricity – we can’t control the gas that is supplied to your property because it all comes from the gas network. We also believe this level of support shows our customers we’re serious about helping the planet. We believe providing 100% carbon neutral gas is the right thing to do and something we can do for our customers behind the scenes.

How is 100% carbon neutral gas any better? - Read more

We’ve made the decision to begin retailing gas, for three very good reasons:

Why are you selling gas? - Read more

No, because gas is billed every two months and electricity is billed monthly. However, you can manage your gas and electricity accounts in our App and online account. So all your info is in the same spot, just pay for what you use as normal for each account.

Do I get a single bill if I have my electricity and gas with Powershop? - Read more

Yes, Powershop does offer concessions to eligible gas customers in Victoria. Feel free to contact us at 1800 462 668 or if you wish to know if your specific concession type applies. If you are a Powershop customer and wish to add concession details to your account, please send us an email or give us a call.

Can I get a concession on by gas bill? - Read more

We’re currently retailing gas in most of Victoria. We’re not retailing gas in NSW or South East QLD yet.

Where is Powershop gas available? - Read more

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