Use the menu to view our current schedule of fees for services. When you use a service we will charge the fee to your Powershop account. This information will be updated from time to time as the cost of providing these services may change.


Please note that these are standard service fees. Where additional work is required by an electrician or your distributor, or you live in a rural or remote area, an additional fee may apply. We may pass on to you any fees we receive from a distributor or other third party in relation to work performed at your request or work required because you have not complied with your obligations.

It is important that you provide clear access to complete the service you have requested. If you fail to meet an arranged appointment or provide access, you will still be required to pay the fee for the service requested.


Electricity Fees

Click here to find out fees applicable for electricity services.

Electricity Fees

Gas Fees

Click here to find out fees applicable for gas services.

Gas Fees

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