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The Green Electricity Guide

Cleaner Energy 1 min read August 14, 2014

Powershop was ranked number one in Australia today by the new Green Electricity Guide from Greenpeace Australia. The guide has been developed to help inform Australians about which electricity retailers really are as ‘green’ as they say they are.

Greenpeace said: “Origin Energy, Energy Australia and AGL currently provide electricity to over three quarters of Australian households. ‘The Dirty Three’ sometimes market themselves as environmentally conscious, but their ‘green’ initiatives are small compared to their investments in coal and gas generation.

Recently these companies have been undermining Australia’s Renewable Energy Target – a policy which aims to ensure 20 per cent of Australia’s electricity comes from renewable sources by 2020.”

Powershop is the only retailer in Australia to unequivocally support the Renewable Energy Target (check out our submission here) and is working with GetUp to support the target and the future of renewable energy in Australia through the Better Power campaign. We’ve also worked with Fossil Free as their electricity partner in the Fossil Free oil and gas divestment campaign in Victoria.

Powershop is proud to be accredited for 100% GreenPower products and that Meridian Energy’s Mount Millar wind farm in South Australia is a GreenPower accredited generator. We’re part of Meridian Energy, a 100% renewable energy generator (in fact the largest 100% renewable energy generator in Australasia). Meridian Energy in Australia operates two wind farms and these wind farms produce more renewable energy than the total energy Powershop sells.

You can purchase 100% GreenPower products from Powershop that involve us voluntarily surrendering additional Renewable Energy Certificates to encourage even further investment in renewable energy than the Government mandates under the Renewable Energy Target.

We also provide opportunities for you to choose which renewable industry you wish to support, including community energy projects, landfill gas, energy from sugar milling and other wind farms. There is a higher charge for these products as we purchase the additional certificates from these renewable projects and therefore pass on the benefits of your purchases to them.

Our 100% GreenPower products are accredited and subject to audit, ensuring that your purchases will make a genuine difference to renewable projects, your community and the environment.

Check out the Green Electricity Guide here.

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