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Home / Energy insights / Wild weather, outages and blackouts – what can you do?

Wild weather, outages and blackouts – what can you do?

Electricity 1 min read November 28, 2017

There’s a lot to love about summer– nice cold tinnies, plenty of ice-creams and lovely times spent at the beach. However, when it’s an absolute scorcher, summer can be a bit of a drainer.

When it gets really hot, demand for power goes through the roof and puts strain on our electricity grid. The increase in demand on the grid means that power outages and black outs are more likely to occur– a situation that is not only annoying but also unsafe.

What to do when you lose power?

You can stay up-to-date by visiting your electricity distributor’s twitter handle. If you don’t know who your distributor is, click here to find out. If you do lose power for an extended period of time or notice that your neighbour has power when you don’t, contact your distributor to find out when it’ll be back on.

What can we all do to reduce the likelihood of a blackout?
  • Switch off non-essential appliances – e.g., TVs, computers, kettles, etc.
  • Delay your washing to off-peak times.
  • Go shopping or watch a film at the cinemas to escape the heat and take advantage of their air-con.
  • Little things like closing your blinds help keep your house cool. We’ll be doing the same in the Powershop office.

What can you do to stay healthy and safe?
  • Drink lots of water. It’s best to avoid alcohol and sugary drinks on such days.
  • Cramps, dehydration and fatigue are common in hot weather. Taking cold showers and using cool packs can help. Please seek medical attention if you’re not feeling too well.
  • If possible, wear light and loose clothes. Use sunscreen and sunnies when outdoors.
  • Don’t forget to think about our four-legged furry friends too, and leave a bowl of water out for them.

What can you do during a blackout?
  • Having no electricity at all can be quite daunting especially at night. Make sure you’re stocked up on candles, they’ll help you navigate in the dark. Plus, the relaxing atmosphere and the candlelit dinner are added benefits.
  • Talk to your near and dear ones at home and call friends to check how they’re doing – but keep it brief. A phone without battery is not a great situation to be in during a blackout.
  • During the day, spend time in a garden. Saunter around, read a book, have a picnic or do all three. Under the shade of a giant tree would be ideal.

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