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It’s Time to Bust Some Myths about Solar

Cleaner Energy 1 min read March 2, 2018

Myth #1: Australia is not ready for solar.

Actually, it is.

2017 was a record-breaking year for solar in Australia. Installations of solar panels were up by a whopping 17% capacity-wise in 2017 compared to 2016, and by the end of the year, Australia had close to 1.8 million installations(i).
With ongoing technological improvements bringing down costs of panels, there’s little doubt solar PV-energy generated at homes is expected to play a huge role in Australia’s energy future.

Myth #2: Solar panels will decrease the value of my house.

That doesn’t sound right to us at all. Panels on the roof can bring down the costs to power your home and make it more attractive to potential buyers given how panels last for a long time (25-30 years) and usually come with great warranties.

Myth #3: Solar panels only work in summer.

Solar panels need light not heat to produce power, so they still work well in cold weather. Since daylight hours are shorter in the colder months, don’t expect the kind of power you get in the summer, but they should still be able to keep you warm in winter.

Myth #4: What’s the point when I am charged different rates for having solar? Not worth my money.

That’s not true with Powershop. We treat all customers equally. Solar customers pay the same rates and receive the same discounts as non-solar customers.
With solar, you can save money on your electricity bills, plus get paid for any surplus power you generate.

On top of this, Powershop solar energy customers enjoy:

  • A smartphone app and online usage tools that can help you gain better insights into your electricity usage.
  • High Solar Feed-In Tariffs greater than the government recommended amounts.
  • For those with smart meters, access to a heat map of your solar output through your Powershop online account, so you can know more about your solar energy systems’ performance.

Myth #5: Good for the wallet, but what about the planet?

Solar power systems derive energy from the sun. Panels on your roof help reduce carbon emissions and bring down our collective dependence on fossil fuels. By installing solar, you’re not only reducing your carbon footprint, but also doing your bit to increase more renewable energy generation when you export to the grid

(i) Solar Report January 2018. Australian Energy Council. energycouncil.com.au/media/11188/australian-energy-council-solar-report_-january-2018.pdf

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