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How to Curb Your Power

When an event starts, reduce your power usage to the extent you safely can for the duration of the Event to meet your Curb Target.

Remember that Curbing is voluntary and you are not obligated to participate even if you’ve registered.

Do not turn off any vital appliances or devices.

Here's how it works

Illustration of a house with solar panels on roof with the suns rays beaming down onto itThere may be high demand on the grid or we’ve been asked to activate our program by the electricity market operator.
Illustration of solar energy panels and a DC converterWe send you a message asking you to voluntarily curtail your usage for a set period of time
Illustration of household appliances that can be powered with solar energyYou take action and turn off or down certain appliances to reduce you power usage and ease demand on the grid
Illustration of the electricity power gridEnsure that you’re comfortable throughout the event and only continue if its safe for you to do so.
Illustration of the electricity power gridWe send you a message to tell you when the event has ended and you can flick your appliances back on
Illustration of the electricity power gridYou'll receive your results email within a week after the event, letting you know if you successfully hit your curb target

Ways you can curb your power

Curbing your power doesn’t mean sitting quietly in the dark with all the appliances switched off until the Event is over. It can be as easy as doing your washing after the Event, or powering down the house to head out for a walk.

Common appliances usage guide:

Get to know on average how much power each appliance uses so you know which to switch off.


∼ 5kWh

per cycle


∼ 2kWh

every hour for split systems


∼ 1-2kWh

per cycle

Washing machine

∼ 0.5-1kWh

per cycle

Pool pump

∼ 1-2kWh

per hour

Electric oven

∼ 1kWh

per hour


∼ 0.3kWh

per hour


∼ 0.05kWh

per hour for a single halogen downlight

Hair dryer

∼ 0.25kWh

for 10 minutes


∼ 0.12kWh

for 5 minutes

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