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World’s first renewable energy marketplace launches in Victoria

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World’s first renewable energy marketplace launches in Victoria
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The world’s first online marketplace for renewable electricity has launched in Victoria, selling energy derived from wind farms, landfill gas sites and community renewable power projects directly to households and businesses. [1]

Powershop.com.au has begun stocking electricity derived from multiple renewable sources in its online store – wind farm operators Meridian Energy and Infigen Energy; electricity from waste generators LMS Energy and community renewable generation projects facilitated by Embark Australia.

Powershop CEO Ben Burge says the marketplace is a massive win both for customers and the renewable energy sector.

“This is a breakthrough for Australia’s renewable generators who can now sell directly to customers who want to use green power,” Mr Burge says.

Powershop.com.au’s online store also demonstrates that renewable energy enhances competition. The launch follows a recent St Vincent de Paul report revealing the three cheapest retailers in Victoria are all backed by renewable generation.

Other generators are expected to join the first four suppliers later this year, including a major consumer goods group that generates electricity as a by-product at a major industrial processing facility.

Infigen Energy owns and operates 24 wind farms across Australia and the US.  CEO Miles George says the Powershop marketplace is a watershed moment for the renewable energy sector.

“It’s the kind of development that is crucial to driving down electricity bills for customers.”

Meridian Energy generates power from wind and hydro power in Australia and New Zealand and is one of the world’s largest 100% renewable generators.

LMS Energy converts landfill gas to renewable electricity at over 20 sites around the country..  CEO John Falzon says giving households the ability to support the generation of electricity generated from landfills is a win-win.

“Households can choose to purchase cost-competitive, base-load renewable energy, while the local community benefits by harnessing electricity from waste,” Mr Falzon says.

Powershop is also partnering with Embark Australia, a non-profit organisation supporting community renewable energy initiatives around Australia.

According to Executive Director Andy Cavanagh-Downs, the initiative will encourage more community generation projects.

“Having a direct connection with consumers who are interested in supporting community generation projects around Australia makes them more viable,” Mr Cavanagh-Downs says.

[1] When consumers purchase energy from Powershop, the emissions from their consumption is offset entirely with Large Generator Certificates sourced from the specific renewable energy projects.

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