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Reposit + Powershop

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Reposit + Powershop
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We’re excited to be exploring ways to best unlock the value of new technology that makes a home with solar and batteries more intelligent.

We’ve partnered with Reposit – a Canberra based start-up – to find new and more intelligent ways for consumers to get the most out of their solar and batteries, to save money and the environment.

The team from Reposit have developed super smart technology to work with solar battery storage, that learns a consumers daily energy patterns to automatically buy off-peak and sell back when the grid is short of power.

Check out their YouTube Video to learn more about the concept.

If you’re into this kind of innovation as much as we are (and we’re really into it), please get in touch very soon because our trial with Reposit is about to begin and spots are limited and going fast. To be on the trial you’ll need to:

  1. Be a Powershop customer
  2. Have Reposit technology installed
  3. Have a smart meter

Email us at repositpower@powershop.com.au.

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2 comments on "Reposit + Powershop"
  1. Simon Boyd, January 13, 2020:

    Hi guys, We’re looking at putting a substantial Tesla Power wall system in our new home. How will that work with you guys potentially?

    • Powershop, February 5, 2020:

      Hey Simon, good question. Best to give the team a call on 1800 462 668 to discuss the details and how it will work! Thanks, Mon.

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