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Powershop launches in New South Wales

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Powershop launches in New South Wales
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After using Victorians as guinea pigs, Powershop Australia is excited to announce that we have launched publicly in New South Wales.

Built from the ground up around our customers, Powershop offers true choice for everyone: small users, large users, set and forget-ers, and everyone in between. No hidden costs or sneaky legal mumbo jumbo – simple.

Since its launch in Victoria in late 2013, Powershop has already signed up over 35,000 customers by providing cleaner, cheaper, and better power. Following a trial process with some brave souls, Powershop is now live across NSW and ready to shake up the marketplace.

Powershop CEO Ben Burge spoke on the importance of consumers having access to information and choices. “Powershop was born out of protest. Everything that annoyed us as customers – outrageous prices, lock in contracts, exit fees, hidden costs, bad customer service, and jargon-filled, confusing information – has been dumped from our business model”

Through online tools, Powershop gives you the power to find out how much electricity you’re using, why, and where and how much it’s costing you. “It means people can manage their power consumption – and ultimately, their bill – all from the palm of their hand.”

Do you have mates in New South Wales? Share the love and get them on-board with Powershop’s “Friend Get Friend” bonus. For each friend you refer that completes a switch, you both receive a $75 credit. The only thing better than cheap power? Never having to pay for power again!

For more information on Powershop, and making the switch, check out our website here.

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