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Pond Party – a sustainable energy future for the family

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Pond Party – a sustainable energy future for the family

This article originally appeared on our CEO Jason Steins LinkedIn

"Recently, our team launched Pond Party - an interactive digital book that changes depending on your household energy usage.

Pond Party was created with the intention to help all families (including mine) make the tangible connection between our actions at home and the impact on our planet. As an organisation, we are passionately committed to a greener energy future - something that we cultivate through our support for cleaner energy solutions like virtual power plants, demand response and electric vehicles.

Our support of responsible home energy usage is another way to back this commitment. So many actions that impact sustainability happen passively in the home and this is an opportunity to promote climate actions by showcasing small positive actions we can all take.

After the devastation of the recent bushfires, we wanted to provide a way for adults to have educational and powerful conversations with children about climate change, climate action and our impact on the world around us. The book features Australian species that are under threat due to climate change and showcases simple measures kids can do themselves around the home.

The ‘new normal’ of social isolation caused by COVID-19 is naturally leading to more energy usage at home. We’re hoping that this book can serve as an engaging tool to question our impact on the environment while also helping shape on-going sustainable household energy behaviours. It can be accessed at pondparty.powershop.com.au

Any Australian household interested in learning more can access the book for free. However, our customers will get a customised experience as we have connected the story to their homes energy usage data via their smart meter.

So what’s it all about?

Goldie, a climate-vulnerable Golden Bell frog is throwing a Pond Party. And you’re invited!

In a series of scenes, you get to help Goldie prepare for the party by inviting friends, decorating the pond, organising food and creating music! Then you get to watch the party happen. This scene is crazy and fun – a reward for helping Goldie and reducing your power usage in the earlier chapters.

While you’re reading, helpful hints around how your kids can help reduce your power usage pop up on the screen, e.g. “Next time a grown-up is doing the washing, help them hang it on the line instead of using the dryer!”.

By using your household energy more efficiently, you can help Goldie and the eco-system so that next time she has a party, the pond will look even better, food will be more bountiful, more of her friends will be able to come, and the special soundtrack will make even more of a splash."  Jason Stein - Powershop CEO

Check it out!  Go to Pond Party

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