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More Wind Farms – Good news for the environment and customers

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More Wind Farms – Good news for the environment and customers
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Yesterday Premier Napthine opened the $1 billion 420MW Macarthur wind farm in South-West Victoria. See ABC news item here.  Built by Meridian Energy and AGL this farm is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere and provides enough renewable energy to power over 250,000 Victorian homes.

Despite criticism from some quarters renewable generators like this are not only good for the environment they’re great news for customers too. Because Wind Farms have no fuel costs and as they can provide their energy to the grid at prices below other generators they tend to help drive down wholesale energy prices, by displacing more expensive generation such as coal, gas and hydro, and that’s not the only benefit! Wind farm generators not owned by the big three retailers are supporting new retailers like Powershop enabling them to enter the market and put genuine competitive pressure on the big three.

Powershop was able to launch in Australia because Meridian is investing over $1 billion in renewable generation. And to celebrate the official opening of Meridian Energy Australia’s Macarthur wind farm, Meridian is offering Powershop customers the option to receive around one week’s worth of power (150 units) at a great discount AND they will voluntarily surrender a sufficient number of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) sourced from their generation portfolio!

So here at Powershop we are pretty proud that our big brother Meridian Energy Australia built the largest wind farm in the Southern Hemisphere. We’re also proud that they’re continuing to invest in our energy futures by building the Mt Mercer Wind Farm near Ballarat as well. This investment will help the environment AND help drive down power prices for consumers.

So if you want to know more about the Macarthur Wind farm click here. If you want to save money and help the environment then visit Powershop to get a guaranteed 100% green product AND a great discount! And while you’re there have a look at Meridian Energy’s 100% renewable product which is always available in our shop.

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