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How does electricity get to your home?

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How does electricity get to your home?
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Ever turned on the telly, microwave or blender and thought… how does this magical electricity even get to my home or business?

It’s no simple business so we’ve had a go of explaining. Here’s what it takes to get electricity to your power point.

Graphic of a hydro power plant
Hydro power generation
1. Generation

Electricity is generated through mixure of energy generation methods, including fossil fuel power plants (coal, gas, oil) and renewable generators (wind, water, sun).

2. Transformer

Once generated, electricity is sent through transformers to increase the voltage so it can travel long distances across large transmission lines.

Graphic of transmission lines
Transmission lines
3. National Electricity Market

Electricity is then sent across the National Electricity Market, which is made up of around 40,000km of transmission lines and cables.

4. Substation

The electricity then reaches a substation and the voltage is lowered so it can be sent to smaller power lines.

Graphic of distribution lines and a home
Local distribution of energy to your home
5. Distribution

Electricity travels through this ‘network’ of distribution power lines managed by your distribution company, the voltage is lowered again, and the power arrives at your property.

6. Meter and house

After passing through your electricity meter so that your usage can be measured, the electricity travels through your property’s wiring to power your power points and appliances.

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