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Free Power Day – Wrap Up

by Powershop on

Free Power Day – Wrap Up

When the wind blows, we’re happy, and we want to make our customers happy too by giving them free power to celebrate.

In August, we ran our first ever ‘Free Power Day’, giving our customers a day of free power to celebrate when the wind was blowing at our wind farms.

Free Power Mode was activated for 24 hours on the 21st August 2019, with the campaign going live to inform customers they could get free power for the day. New customers were also able to switch and receive a power saving..

While it was just a trial, the first Free Power Day was such a success that we hope to run it again sometime soon!

How many days per year can we expect free power?
Free Power Day is in a trial phase for now, but we’re aiming for a few times a year. It’ll all depend on how the energy market operates, whether the wind blows and much more! We want to make our customers happy by helping them save on their energy, so we’ll do it as often as we can.

How does Powershop decide when to give its customers free power?
When the demand on the grid is low and there is plenty of wind blowing at our wind farms, we’ll give some of our customers the chance to redeem a Free Power Day. We’re doing this to celebrate the contribution our wind farms are making to the energy grid!

If you’re providing these free days of power, why can’t you just reduce energy prices overall?
At Powershop our goal is to always keep energy costs as low as we possibly can for our customers. There’s lots of ways we do this, from managing the risk of wholesale energy prices (reducing the impact of big spikes!), providing tools for our customers to help keep their energy usage lower, to participating in innovative programs that help the energy industry in Australia work smoothly.

Aren’t you encouraging excessive energy use?
Not at all. In fact, we hope we’re encouraging the opposite. Powershop has an amazing mobile app and usage tools to help our customers use energy smarter. These can help by spotting things in your home that are using a lot of energy and/or encouraging you to change your usage behaviour. By helping our customers to become more aware of their usage, we hope they will make the change to use less. Use less of what we’re selling you? We know, it makes no sense. But run with it.

Does this mean that on a Free Power Day I’m only getting renewable energy at my house?
Unfortunately not. Because of the way the energy grid is structured, we can’t control what energy is actually being delivered to your home. Our parent company, Meridian Energy, only generates electricity from renewable sources, however, we can’t control the exact source of energy that is delivered to your home. This is why Powershop also chooses to offset 100% of the carbon associated with our customers’ energy use – at no extra charge to you.

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