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Curb Your Power: Event #1 – how we all performed

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Curb Your Power: Event #1 – how we all performed
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For two hours on a sunny Wednesday afternoon in December 2017, we were called on (by AEMO) to initiate the first official Curb Your Power event. This was the first time our Curb Your Power registrants got the opportunity to take part in a demand response event, by reducing their usage to help take pressure off the grid and in turn get rewarded for successfully curbing.Curbers who participated managed to reduce their usage by an average of 41.5% EACH, over the duration of the Event. As a reward for hitting their Curb Target, all successful Curbers have received a power credit that they can use to purchase Powerpacks in their Shop.We’re thrilled with the result of our first attempt at a demand response event, and aiming high, we’re hoping to do even better next time.

A survey went out to all participants after the event. Here are some stand out insights from the responses to that survey:

  • Curbers who did multiple things to reduce their power were more likely to hit their Curb Target than those who just did one thing. For example, if you turn off all your unused appliances AND adjust your air-con, you’ll be more likely to hit your target than if you just did one OR the other. A perfect example of this was a Curber who turned off their hot water, used a pedestal fan instead of their air-con, delayed using appliances like their dishwasher, kettle, iron and washing machine until after the Event and spent two hours reading a nice book instead of watching the same old news on TV. And, if that sounds too much for you, simply turn off everything (except your fridge) and step outside for an ice cream (or two).
  • 99% of Curbers who responded to the survey said they would participate in another Curb Event (which is handy because they will definitely be more of them) and 77% actually found it pretty easy to curb their power.
  • When asked why they participated in the Event, half of our Curbers said that they participated to help the electricity grid, whereas the other half curbed their power to get rewarded with a power credit. Whether you’re in it for the power credit, in it to help the future of the grid, or in it to reduce your environmental footprint, there’s still time to join Curb Your Power.
  • Households weren’t the only ones who curbed; we were delighted to see heaps of businesses participate in the Event as well. One of our top Curbers was a business who shut down their machinery, air compressors; made sure their computers were not in use and adjusted air-con levels to 24 degrees. Barring the bathroom lights, they switched off all their lighting as well. Not only did they hit their Curb Target but also managed to get a bonus for curbing their power by more than 10%. We know curbing your power isn’t feasible or safe for all types of business, but if you think your business could get on board, join now.

We are in the process of refining the Baseline calculation for solar participants and have sought additional feedback (including generation data) from participants with solar panels. If you have solar panels and would like to send us your generation data, please flick an email to curbyourpower@powershop.com.au.

Need a refresher on ways you can curb your power? Check out this page for all our handy hints and tips to make sure you can curb and be rewarded! And comment below if you have tips of your own!

We need everyone’s help to make a big difference. If you’re not a part of Curb Your Power and are keen to sign up, register here today!

How not to Curb Your Power 
Safely participating in a Curb Your Power event is an absolute must. If for any reason turning off certain appliances would be harmful to you or anyone at your home or business, you shouldn’t participate in a Curb Your Power event.

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