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Curb Your Power: Office and Staff Trial

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Curb Your Power: Office and Staff Trial

Recently we launched Curb Your Power, Powershop’s demand response program where customers can help reduce demand on the electricity grid by curbing their power usage at certain times of peak demand and get rewarded for doing it successfully. We’re thrilled to see so many customers have signed up to participate in our first Curb Your Power event in early December and are keen to see more people join the program over the coming days. Don’t forget to get on board. Register here.

Since summer is nearly upon us and we’re excited about Curb Your Power, we conducted a trial event in the office and at our homes on Thursday night last week.

Our staff went through the same steps as everyone else.

First, they registered to join Curb Your Power here. Then an SMS was sent notifying them of an upcoming event in the near future. On Thursday, they were told that the event would take place between 6:30 to 8:30 pm and finally they got messages asking them to start and stop curbing their power usage.

23 staff members took part in the trial event and collectively managed to reduce their usage by 41% on average off their Baseline usage – which is a great result considering a reduction of only 10% is required to curb successfully and get rewarded.

Powershop staff curbers

Office hit the bull’s eye

Our office did a pretty good job as well. We turned off our computers, printers, lights and our coffee machine and managed to hit our Curb Target (we achieved a 22% reduction of our Baseline usage). image via GIPHY

Staff curbers found interesting ways to curb their power. Lofty and family turned off their lights and aircon, just kept the fan on and cooked a lovely cold salad for dinner, whereas Cat and Sam found the perfect excuse to step outside to eat.

Danielle turned off all her lights and air-con but kept her windows open during the day, so her house remained cool (good thinking). Bagel, Danielle’s pup as you can see was a happy curber as well.

There are actually plenty of ways to curb your power; it doesn’t have to be sitting in the dark for an hour or two (although you’re more than welcome to do that). Participating can be as easy as changing the air-con from 17 degrees to 24 degrees and doing your laundry after the event. For some handy hints and tips click here.

Keep an eye out for the first Curb event in early December and if you haven’t registered make sure you do that right now! Share your #CurbYourPower stories on FB and Twitter. We’d love to read them.

How not to Curb Your Power

  1. First things first, don’t turn off any vital appliances. If for any reason turning off certain appliances would be harmful to you or anyone at your home or business, you shouldn’t participate in a Curb Your Power event.
  2. Don’t turn off your fridge. During our staff trial Peter and Tim turned their fridge off but totally forgot to switch it back on until the next day and all their food went to waste – not a great outcome for them but a helpful learning for all fellow curbers.

Keen to join Curb Your Power but not a Powershop customer?

Switch to Powershop

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