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Better Power, Better Future

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Better Power, Better Future
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We are always focused on driving down your power bills.

A lot of the cost in your bill is a function of government policy, so we sometimes need to get involved in the debate.

Take the Renewable Energy Target (RET) – we think it’s good for household bills, but its effects are difficult to explain.

So, we built a video and unveiled it today to the Government’s Review Panel as a sneak preview before it went public.

Watch it below:

The Powershop team are excited by the opportunity to get involved in shaping Australia’s energy future. You can view our submission to the RET Review here.

Powershop would like to thank the RET Review Panel for meeting us as part of what sounds like a herculeaneffort to meet with over 100 stakeholders. The Panel was very generous with their time and it was great that our energy markets and retail teams had the chance to show them how we work. There is no doubt that the Panel has a strong sense of the importance of this review.

Dick Warburton and Matt Zema from The RET Review Panel with the Powershop team.

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