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5 tips to make your business more environmentally friendly

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5 tips to make your business more environmentally friendly
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Committed to becoming a more environmentally friendly business in 2020, but don’t know where to start? We’ve compiled a list of five steps you can take to help your business reduce its carbon footprint.

1. Make sustainability a part of the culture

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Being conscious about sustainability shouldn’t just come from you! Your team needs to be on the same page. Everyone has a role to play, and it’s up to everyone to adopt everyday practices so it becomes part of the culture.

Talk about it in meetings, send out emails, set goals together, write sustainability policies collaboratively and educate and encourage staff to apply their learnings at home as well.

Take the initiative and supply your staff with a few reusable coffee cups, so they have options at home and on the way to work if they stop off for a coffee and veto the use of single use coffee cups in the office altogether.

Provide reusable alternatives in the office to reduce takeaway food waste, such as metal straws, chopsticks or reusable containers. Have reusable shopping bags so they’re easy to grab before supermarket trips.

2. Minimise Business Travel
Graphic of tesla electric car and bicycle to be more environmentally friendly
At Powershop we have a team Tesla and bicycle facilities to reduce travel emissions.

Business travel, especially flights, can often make up a significant amount of a businesses carbon emissions. Cutting down on travel, especially if meetings can be held via video conference, can make a huge difference to your business’ carbon footprint. Not only will this reduce emissions, but it can save your business money by reducing flight costs.

If air travel is a must, most airlines in Australia now offer a carbon offset option so your team can take off guilt free.

3. Conduct a waste audit

Graphic of waste which can be separated to be more environmentally friendly

A waste audit identifies what type of waste and recyclable material is generated in your business. A successful waste audit can also help your bottom line - by reducing what is going into the bin, you may also be able to reduce your waste management and inventory costs. The information gathered in a waste audit can be used to improve recycling programs as well.

The process can be done without external help, and follows three simple steps:

  1. Calculate volume and identify the type of materials in bins;
  2. Quantify how much waste is produced and its cost; and
  3. Identify key actions to take to reduce waste and encourage staff to become involved.

4. Choose Powershop for your business energy

No matter where you buy your electricity from, it all comes from the same central pool called the National Electricity Market (NEM). The energy that is distributed via the grid is generated from a variety of sources, including renewable generation (solar, wind, hydro) and coal-fired power.

Given you can’t control which energy source is delivered to your business, Powershop Australia 100% carbon offsets all of its customers’ business energy usage at no extra cost to these businesses. Powershop Australia purchases Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCU) and Certified Emission Reduction (CER) certificates to offset or counteract the carbon created by their customers energy usage.

5. Purchase GreenPower

GreenPower is a voluntary government accredited program that allows Australians to displace their standard electricity usage with certified renewable energy, which is added to the grid on their behalf.

When you buy GreenPower, more dollars are invested in the renewable energy sector and more renewable energy is added to the grid. Producing electricity from fossil fuels is a leading source of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions in Australia, so when you choose GreenPower, you’re supporting efforts in Australia to grow the renewable energy sector and a move to a sustainable future away from fossil fuels.

Ask your energy retailer today if they offer GreenPower options.

We hope these tips helped towards becoming a more environmentally friendly business in 2020. For how we have improved sustainability in the Powershop office head to some of these related blogs:
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